I shall welcome you to this tize article, written in the most magnificent and bold language the world has ever seen. Spoken by approximately 1.5 billion of all earthlings and mother tongue of around 360 million human beings. English, labelled as a nowadays universal language since the 19th century.

Nevertheless, I’m wondering why English is so important and always put up on a pedestal for its diversity and glamour. Why did English captions recently get more favourable than quirky Goethe quotes with the most mesmerizing German words?

Let’s start off with some Facts

English seems probably quite easy for most people, but once you’ve started to prepare yourself for a Cambridge Proficiency Exam you slowly realize how cruel this language actually is.

Around 4000 words are annually added to the dictionary. Not to mention the words existing already owning around 1 million meanings, in which the word ‘set’ adds up the most definitions. Despite the huge amount of English vocab, most text merely includes around 1000 words.

Basically, you shouldn’t make use of, gap filling words, like, ‘basically’ or ‘like’ cause it’s basically just pretty boring and, like, really get’s on my nerves, but like, basically everyone does it, right?

It’s a pretty tough and easy language

English hasn’t always been the most significant language in the world. French, Latin and Greek were dominating before English took the lead.

However, I’d like to point out that although English might be an easy language to start off, it has its cruel sides to the process of learning it properly.

Simply say these following words out loud.

“Breakfast, Beard, break, brake”

“Beard, heard, heart”

“low, show, how”

“here you hear her piece of peace”

“they’re there with their own… air?”

Easy, right? Right.

English is the Go-To language when it comes to travelling

To conclude, what’s it with the English language? It’s pretty much the go-to verbal way to communicate with others, who might not speak your own mother tongue. English conquered the world and is now the official language of 67 countries. It’s spoken in a variety of different dialects and took almost everyone around the globe in its thrall. Vloggers and bloggers choose to address their audience in English to increase their number of followers. There’s also growth in the numbers of companies that request English on an advanced level to be hired. Nevertheless, the future of English is a bit unknown, since the Chinese language got more popular in the past few years.

However, I do believe that no matter how important it is to speak English (or Chinese) regarding the business and globalisation aspect, Swiss German has its own beautiful aspect and the severe possibility of losing the ability to speak it, immediately keeps me from moving on with this article.

Schwiizerdütsch isch und bliibt irgendwie ebbis bsundrigs und git – uf jede fall mir – es gwüsses gfühl vo heimat, wo änglisch vermuetli nie drzue ir laag wird sii.

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